Dongled – UVC Monitor for iOS

Dongled is now open source!

Dongled is a free, open source video streaming app for iPadOS. Via a connected UVC capture card, Dongled turns your iOS device into a wired monitor.

  • Streamlined: No complicated interface. Just plug in and start monitoring. Dongled automatically chooses the best available frame rate and audio quality for your device.
  • Low Latency: Dongled does not use a buffer and aims to minimize any latency, experience quicker response times vs wireless connections.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Connect to USB-C HDMI sources for video and, on supported devices, 1 or 2 channel audio playback.
  • Adaptable Video Quality: Dongled adjusts to various resolutions and frame rates.
  • Gaming Made Easy: Directly connect your game console to your iOS device for a full-screen experience.
  • Simple Camera Input: Easily monitor camera feeds. No need for complex wireless configurations with UVC.
  • Dongled is free and Ad-Free! Try out the App today
  • Open Source: Dongled source code is maintained and distributed for free under the MIT license.

Whether you’re gaming, managing camera feeds, monitoring video or just exploring the capabilities of your device, Dongled provides a solution.

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Frequently asked questions

My device isn't connecting or I see a black screen

Occasionally Dongled loses control over the iPad’s capture session. The best way to fix this is to quit the App by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, and without letting go, hold your finger at the top of the screen until the task manager opens. Then place your finger on the small image of the Dongled App and swipe it up to quit. Then relaunch the App.

My sound isn't working or audio is out of sync.

The best way to fix sync issues is by making sure your device is on and plugged into your dongle, then unplug and replug your dongle into the iPad. If you still have issues, quit the app from the task manager and reopen it. (See above) Dongled supports Bluetooth output on version 1.3 and above.

Can I support Dongled?

You can support the development of Dongled via Patreon or Github Sponsor.

If you have a bug or feature request, please open an issue on Github. If you would like to help develop or contribute to the Dongled code please introduce yourself on the project’s github discussion page.